Hunt Groups

A Hunt Group refers to a group of telephone numbers or extensions that are combined to act as a single group.  There are many ways to configure a Hunt Group.

Hunt Group Extension Example 1:

Extensions 200, 201, 202, and 203 are configured to ring in a Hunt Group.  When an external call rings into this Hunt Group, all four extensions will ring at once.

  • Ext. 200 rings and is available
  • Ext. 201 rings and answers the call
  • Ext. 202 rings and is available
  • Ext. 203 rings and is available

Hunt Group Extension Example 2:

Extensions 200, 201, 202, and 203 are configured to ring in a Hunt Group.  When an external call rings into this Hunt Group, ext. 200 will ring first, then ext. 201, then ext. 202, then ext. 203.

  • Ext. 200 rings and is busy
  • Ext. 201 rings and is unanswered so the call times out and jumps to next
  • Ext. 202 rings and answers the call
  • Ext. 203 is available

Auto Attendants

An Auto Attendant (AA) is a recorded greeting that acts as a receptionist, answering inbound calls. The AA typically allows the caller to dial a feature code, extension or connect directly to the operator. Auto-Attendants can be configured to answer calls during non-business hours, weekends, and holidays, while a “live” receptionist answers calls during business hours.

For example: When you dial a business telephone number, you can immediately hear a greeting that says “Thank you for calling my business. Press 1 to speak to sales, press 2 to speak with technical support.”

Call Queues

Call queues are used to control how calls are distributed to agents logged into the phone system. Specifically, incoming callers are placed into a waiting area to be answered by the next available agent. Call queues are best used in a sales or service setting where there is more than one person answering calls. Clarity’s Call Queue system is unique in that it can incorporate your professional Message on Hold while the caller is waiting and announce the waiting position to the caller.

How do I set-up a Call Queue?

Contact Technical Support at 800-676-3995 or submit a support request online and a technician will contact you to set-up your Call Queue.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold and Message on Hold can be uploaded to your Clarity Phone System so when your customers are ringing your number or are on hold, they hear engaging, relevant information about your business.  Just contact our Clarity Technical Support Department at 800-676-3995 for file upload instructions.

Call Recording

Clarity offers Call Recording as an option to your phone system.  Call Recording enables companies to gather information on how the customer is being “handled” over the phone. Call Recording is advantageous for customer service training, quality assurance, quality control or for security/liability.  In the US there are both federal and state statutes that regulate telephone call recording.  Please contact your attorney to determine your state law for electronically recording telephone conversations.

How do I access my Call Recordings?

  1. Please contact Clarity Technical Support at 800-676-3995 to obtain your login credentials.
  2. In your web browser, navigate to
  3. Login name:extension@domainname, Password: (same as your voicemail PIN)
    3a. For Office Manager Permissions: Click on the “Manage Organization”
    3b. For Basic Users, skip to step #4
  4. Click on the “Manage Organization” Link at the top right corner
  5. Click on “Call History”
  6. Filter by time, date, call type, or phone number in order to find the chosen call.
  7. Once you’ve selected a call, hover to the far right and you should see a speaker button as well as a download button. To listen to the recording in the browser, just press the speaker button. To download the recording to save to your local computer, press the download button.

Conditional Forwarding

Call Forwarding enables your customers to reach you whether you are in the office or out and it only takes a moment to set-up! We offer a few options in regards to call forwarding:

Option 1:
1. You can dial a 3-digit code on your Clarity phone, that will allow you to quickly forward calls. Contact Technical Support at 800.676.3995 to setup this code.

Option 2:
1. You can log into the Clarity portal to forward your calls for your extension. To obtain your login credentials, please call Technical Support at 800-676-3995.
2. In your web browser, navigate to (Login name: extension@domainname, Password: (same as your voicemail PIN)
2a. In Supervisor or Manager Permissions,, click on “My Account” at the Upper right corner
2b. For Basic User Permissions, Skip to Step #3
3. Click on “Answering Rules” (The “Active” box will tell you the current Active Routing)
a. Hover to the far right and you should see a pencil, which represents the “edit” button.
b.  When the white box pops up, check the box for “Always.”
c. In the box next to “Always”, enter in your phone number with a 1 in front. (Example: 15555555555)
d. Press Save

To enable Call Forwarding for all calls coming into the office, please contact Clarity Technical Support at 800-676-3995 to configure the best solution for your needs.

Simultaneous Ring/Find Me

An outside line can ring one or more extensions, then can also simultaneous ring (or delay ring) a cell phone, so you’ll never miss a call!  The “Find Me” feature enables the recipient to determine the priority of the call and then accept or reject the call on their cell phone.  If the call is rejected, the caller is transferred back to the office voicemail greeting.