A well-planned, organized office computer network (or LAN) is foundational for high performing, secure business communications. In addition, VoIP traffic on your office computer network is much more sensitive to delay, latency, jitter and packet loss than typical data applications. Simply put, following some simple guidelines will help you have a good performing network and lessen audio loss and choppiness on your phone.

Recommended Network Setup Guides for VoIP Service

Recommended network setup for VoIP with Clarity’s Netgear QoS router

Recommended network setup for VoIP with Clarity’s Watchdog firewall

Ensure your network cabling and hardware is updated

Old or faulty cabling, as well as outdated hardware could easily cause your network to slow down. Any kind of slowdown in your network will most certainly affect the voice quality of your phone call.

Recommended Modem

Arris Surfboard SB 6190

Place your VoIP phones near Ethernet cables/outlets

VoIP phones require a computer-type network connection, called a CAT5 or Ethernet to function. VoIP phones cannot be connected wirelessly. Old style “telephone plugs” don’t support new-style, VoIP phones.

Note about wireless (Wi-Fi) networks:

While wireless or Wi-Fi use is prominent in residential households, relying on Wi-Fi for your business can create mounting problems as you grow. Wi-Fi is not as fast as wired connections, is prone to radio frequency interference, and is susceptible to security breaches and PCI compliance violation.

Network Management Best Practices

1. End performance sapping, consumer applications

YouTube, streaming radio, streaming news, Netflix and Hulu are just a few internet applications that can severely slow down your internet and make your Clarity VoIP service not so clear. Also, uploading or downloading VERY LARGE files (think movies or an entire picture album) will have an adverse effect on VoIP phone calls.

2. Install and run virus protection and malware software

An undetected virus on your network could be consuming bandwidth that (without VoIP) could go unnoticed. With VoIP on your network, any reduction in bandwidth may reduce your voice quality.

3. Schedule application updates during non-business hours

Prominent business software such as Windows, Quickbooks and virus protection programs connect to the internet automatically to update themselves, often without any indication on the computer screen that they are doing so. These large downloads can interfere with internet speed and VoIP call quality. To ensure high call quality, programs should be scheduled to perform updates off regular business hours.

On-site Installation

While our equipment is easy to install virtually, some clients with limited time or more complex facilities prefer to rely on professional on-site installation. When searching for reliable, professional equipment installations we’ve got you covered. Call (844) 351-4500 to be connected with a vendor partner, Integrated Network Cable (INC) for a free installation quote.