Cellular Backup


What happens if your internet provider fails?

Temporary internet network outages – even those lasting just a few minutes – can cripple organizations that rely on Internet access for POS transactions, online ordering, customer service, loyalty programs, inventory management, supply-chain applications, human resources, VoIP telephone, video conferencing, and MORE! Even a 10-15 second delay can disrupt operations, impact revenue, and frustrate customers and employees alike.

To ensure maximized business uptime, even when the unexpected happens, the industry standard is to install a failover device by PEPWAVE that automatically switches from your local Internet provider to 4G LTE broadband cellular service when your local Internet service goes down. This approach provides you the best results in terms of flexibility, functionality, and cost because it ensures your business-critical communications will always work, even if your local Internet does not.

  • Compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile SIM Cards
  • Easy out-of-the-box set-up
  • Failover between redundant SIM slots
  • GPS Tracking for easy and convenient fleet management


  1. Purchase the PEPWAVE 4G LTE Router from your Clarity Account Manager.
  2. Purchase a SIM Card from your local cellular carrier (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile).
  3. Insert the primary SIM Card into Slot A and a secondary (back-up) SIM Card into Slot B.

*Note: Unscrew back cover to insert SIM Card(s)

  1. Contact the cellular carrier to activate the SIM Card(s).
  2. Insert the PEPWAVE between the ISP Modem and the Router/Firewall.

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SIP Paging Server

Want to make one-way announcements through overhead speakers using your IP phones?  Do you have a high noise environment and need a loud ringer? A SIP Paging Server can solve these problems.  We offer two paging devices:  the Algo 8301 can make paging announcements from your IP phones to your overhead speakers, as well as produce a loud ringer for high noise environments.

The Algo 8301 is a SIP interface that seamlessly bridges an analog paging system to VoIP.  The 8301 is a PoE IP Paging Adapter for integrating legacy analog voice paging systems into your Clarity phone system. The Adapter eliminates the need for an ATA or FXS port. Features include G.722 wideband support with isolated and balanced line output for optimum clarity and intelligibility without hum or noise.

The 8301 provides balanced audio output using both an XLR connector and terminal block for easy connection to an amplifier, along with a dry contact closure if required by the amplifier. Note: The paging adapter is only recommended to connect to a single amplifier.

To install the device in your office and connect it to your PA system, we’d recommend hiring a local Information Technology consultant who can come onsite.

The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant wall mount indoor speaker, ideal if you do not currently have an overhead paging system in your office. The built-in speaker is PoE and does not require an additional amplifier.  To install the device in your network, we’d recommend hiring a local Information Technology consultant who can come onsite.

Poly ATA Adapter

The Poly OBi302 expands your service portfolio by enhancing the communication possibilities of home offices with flexibility in voice, fax and modem applications as they transition to the digital communications world. Home and business offices can maximize their current analog investment by keeping up to two analog phones or fax machines subscribed to up to four independently configurable VoIP services, one OBiTALK peer-to- peer voice service, and one POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) subscription.

The Poly ATA Adapter (OBi302) is a 2 line VoIP adapter that connects home and business analog phones to the digital voice communications world. This dedicated device prioritizes phone calls above other internet traffic coming through the LAN port to ensure users clearly hear every important word.