Internet Concierge

One call and we’ll price them all !

Your own personal Internet Concierge

  • We’ll conduct a nationwide search for internet providers on your behalf
  • You’ll gain access to hundreds of providers for the widest choice possible
  • Internet & telecommunications quoting handled by a certified expert
  • Collect unbiased recommendations
  • Receive complimentary consulting & price quoting on ALL available internet services at your current & future business locations

Get Started Today:  just provide your address and you’ll receive an initial response by the next business day.  Comprehensive pricing and quotes may take up to 5 business days to compile.

Click here to contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Professional Recordings

Discover the power of speech with professional answering options from Clarity

A professional voice on your phone system, can make the difference between a customer leaving a message…and just leaving.  There are four ways you can use a professional announcer to improve your customer’s experience:

  1. Greetings – nothing makes a good first impression, like an impressive professional voice answering your customers’ calls.
  2. On-Hold Messages – There is no better time to offer your customers information or promotional messages than when they are On- Hold or waiting to be transferred.
  3. Voice Prompts – Press 1, if you want more professional sounding voice prompts.
  4. Announcements – Why give out your address and hours again and again, when you can just record them as part of your phone management system?

Setting up a professional voice on your phone system is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Pick your package. Call your dedicated Account Manager at 800.786.6160. They will review your needs and explain your options. After you pick a Professional Voice Package, you’ll be contacted by our technical experts who will handle the writing and recording of your message or messages.
  2. Choose your words. Our technical people will work with you to determine the perfect phrasing for your Greeting, On-Hold Message, Voice Prompt tree, or Announcement. They may work with you on all four depending on what package you choose. Your message or messages will be tailored to your unique needs. And you will have final approval of any messages installed on your system.
  3. Sit back and relax. Once you’ve approved your scripts, we’ll do the rest. We’ll record your message or messages using a professional voice talent and then install them onto your phone system. You’ll never have to worry about the technical details. We’ll take care of the hard stuff for you.  Before you can sound better to the people who call you, you need to call us.

To get a quote, call your dedicated Click here to contact your Account Manager 800.786.6160. Remember, good word of mouth for your business starts with a professional voice on your phone system.  Call us TODAY at 800.786.6160.

Onsite Installations

Need help installing cabling or your phone equipment ?

While our equipment is easy to install virtually, some clients with limited time or more complex facilities prefer to rely on professional on-site installers.  Whether you need one cable run installed or an entire building cabled, including network and phone installations, we’ve got you covered.  Clarity is happy to recommend INC’s experienced project management team to serve as your single point of contact to handle your local phone install or coordinate multiple jobs, at many locations, all across the country.

The Process:

  1. Consultation – call 844.351.4500 to start a phone conversation with an INC Project Manager, who will design and plan your installation. If necessary, a preliminary site visit can be arranged.
  2. Setup – A professional INC team arrives at the scheduled time and performs preliminary work.
  3. Installation – Cables are run according to your specifications established during the planning phase, along with firewall and phone installation. If there are any surprises or changes, INC will immediately alert you.
  4. Test – After installation, the network is fully tested to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  5. Label & Clean Up – Finally, INC labels all cables for future troubleshooting or network expansion and cleans up – leaving your workspace just as it was.

Get Started Today:  call 844.351.4500 to speak with an INC Project Manager for your free, no obligation quote.

Click here to contact your Account Manager to learn more.