Clarity offers three IP fax options:

  1. IP Fax – All faxes are sent and received through email. One email account per fax number is used
  2. ATA Fax Adaptor only – All faxes are sent and received through your fax machine, using the Clarity ATA Fax Adaptor. Transmission reports are generated by the Clarity fax server
  3. Premium Fax – IP based faxing is a best effort fax product across the industry. Clarity customers, specifically those working with insurance companies and government agencies, require a faxing solution with a higher guarantee of completion.  Clarity developed a U.S. only POTS Fax solution where outbound (efax and ATA) faxes are sent over the PSTN via a landline.

Sending a fax over a landline incurs per minute charges, as such, moving customers to the POTS fax solution will require a different fax plan, called the “Fax Premium Line”.

To sign up for this premium service, please contact the Clarity Sales team at 800-786-6160.

IP Fax

How do I use the Clarity IP fax service?

To Send a Fax:

With Clarity IP fax service you do not use a fax machine.  Clarity IP fax service does not work quite like a traditional fax service.

  • To send a fax, scan the document or documents you wish to fax.  Make sure they are saved as a .pdf or .jpg format.  If the document(s) you wish to fax are Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files, those are acceptable as well.
  • Compose a new email in whichever program/website you would normally compose a new email.
  • Formats for Sending:

For example:

  • To send a fax to Clarity’s fax number 248-327-4389, you would create a new e-mail addressed to:
  • A cover letter is automatically generated for all outbound faxes.  Type any message you would like to include in the cover letter into the body of your email
  • Every part of the email will be included in the fax.
    • The subject line of the email will become the subject of the cover letter.
    • Any text in the body of your email (including signature) will become the body of the cover letter.
    • Attach your document(s) to be faxed, and then click Send!
    • You will receive an email back (from fax server “Delivered”) notifying you your fax was sent successfully.
    • If for some reason the fax did not successfully go through, you will receive an email back (from fax server “NOT Delivered”) notifying you your fax was not sent.
    • If you do not receive an email notification of a successful/failure fax, then check the address.  In almost all cases, the address was entered incorrectly in the “To” field.

To Receive a Fax:

  • Give out your fax number and your faxes will come directly to your email.
  • All inbound faxes convert to a text-searchable PDF format.

IMPORTANT: The e-mail address the fax is sent from must be the same e-mail address that is on file for the receipt of faxes.

Click here for downloadable instructions.

ATA Fax Adaptor

You can now have the convenience of using your fax machine, along with Clarity’s IP fax service.

  1. Install your ATA Fax Adaptor
  2. Send your fax as you normally would, through the fax machine.  Be sure to dial 1+10-digit fax number
  3. You will receive a transmission report from the Clarityfax server, on your fax machine
  4. Inbound faxes are received through your fax machine
  5. If you would like a hybrid option where inbound faxes are received in your email account, please contact your Account Manager

Installing your ATA Fax Adaptor

  1. Plug your fax machine phone cable into Line 1 in the ATA Fax Adaptor
  2. Plug an Ethernet cable into the WAN port of the ATA Fax Adaptor
  3. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of your router or switch
  4. Plug the power into the ATA Fax Adaptor
  5. Fax Adaptor Datasheet

Premium Fax

Premium fax is a plan for those customers where faxing is critical to their business. Unlike the IP fax, where faxing is controlled by your internet, the Premium Fax plan utilizes POTS lines (plain old telephone service) to send your faxes. You will no longer be reliant upon your internet and data network to send your faxes. To learn more about Premium Fax, contact your Account Manager today.