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Poly VVX Business Media Phones are high quality desktop solutions for organizations of all sizes. The Business Media phones improve productivity by simplifying communication processes and business workflows. 




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VVX D230 DECT IP Cordless Handset


How to Use Your VVX D230 Phone

Register a Handset to a Base Station

Transfer & Conference on Your VVX D230

D60 Cordless Handset


Package Contents

Handset Features

Base Station

OBiWiFi5G Wireless Adapter

OBiWiFi5G Wireless Adapter

OBiWiFi5G Setup for the Poly VVX250/350/450

Connect the power adapter to the Poly phone, then insert the OBiWiFi5G dongle in the USB port 1 on the side of the phone. View the image to the left for reference of the next six steps:

1. Select Settings on the phone screen.

2. Select OBiWiFi.

3. Click on ‘Scan’ (bottom right of the screen).

4. Select the WiFi network you would like to connect to.

5. Click on ‘Connect’ to enter your network password.

6. Enter the WiFi password if required.

You will see a WiFi icon on top of the screen once Poly Phone is successfully connected to your WiFi network.

Expansion Modules

Poly VVX EM50 Expansion Module

Poly VVX Color Expansion Module

Additional Poly Training Videos:

Yealink Phones

The Yealink product line offers an entry level 2 line phone and a cordless phone for on-the-move employees.

The T21P 2 Line Phone is a very cost effective and power IP solution offering HD voice and an extra large graphical LCD with backlight.

In just a few easy steps, you will be ready to make and receive phone calls on your new Clarity Phone System:

  1. Unpack your Clarity Yealink Phone from the box
  2. Connect one end of the handset cord into the handset and the other end into the handset jack, located at the back of the phone
  3. Plug the (supplied) Ethernet cable into the LAN port at the back of the phone
  4. Plug the power supply into the back of the phone

Additional setup information:

The W60 Cordless IP Phone is an ideal phone solution for on-the-move employees.  Small yet powerful, the base station can support up to 3 additional handsets, for a total of 4 seats/extensions.

Clarity Office Anywhere Web

Clarity’s web phone is a browser-based softphone using the WebRTC standard. This softphone requires no additional software installation and is included with your monthly subscription. Just open the interface in Google Chrome and start dialing!

  • Web Phone included with each extension
  • Plug-in a headset or use your computer speakers/microphone
  • Integrated with company directories, chat, call history & voicemail

Additional setup information: